Weekend Guide: Düsseldorf

Recently I headed off to Düsseldorf with my family for a short but sweet weekend, arriving on Friday night and leaving on Monday evening.

It might not be the most obvious choice for a getaway, being overshadowed by cities such as Berlin and Munich however the appeal of Düsseldorf shouldn’t be underestimated! We stayed in the NH Hotel which is about a 15-20 minute walk to the city centre, it was a great hotel with really spacious rooms so I’d recommend this for high quality city accommodation.

On Saturday we enjoyed the sunshine and spent the day walking along the beautiful river promenade and across Oberkassel Bridge to the pretty area of Oberkassel. It’s more of a residential district however worth visiting if you get chance, if only to escape the hustle and bustle of central Düsseldorf! Another great place to check out is Königsallee – this street runs alongside the canal and is home to all of the designer and luxury shops you could dream of, from Chanel and Gucci to Hermès and Cartier. It reminded me of Fifth Avenue in New York so if that’s your thing, definitely swing by this beautiful shopping street. If, like me, you’d be more of a window shopper here, this area is still great for mooching around and relaxing by the canal.


If you get tired of shopping, the main garden of Düsseldorf is located at the end of the street. Hofgarten is a lovely area with ponds, children’s playgrounds and full of trees which shield you from the city noise.

We were blessed on Sunday with glorious sunshine so we went on a boat trip along the Rhine. This was a great deal at €13 per adult for a 45 minute/1 hour journey with all drinks included – even alcohol… I’d recommend the wine, but take care when leaving the boat as it may feel much more wobbly when you get off! During the trip we saw the beautiful scenery and architecture which Düsseldorf offers and it was also a great chance to view the bustling promenade from the riverside.



As it was a trip with family, I didn’t experience the nightlife however there’s plenty of places to eat and drink, I’d recommend going to the promenade and choosing one of the many restaurants which offer beautiful al fresco dining. All of the restaurants were busy every afternoon and evening so that can only be a good thing! If the weather isn’t great, you just need to stroll down any side street to find a traditional eatery tucked away. For a more relaxed lunch, there’s a delicious bratwurst cafe with an ice cream parlour next door, which is located on the main square in Altstadt – highly recommended for sunny days!

All in all, I’d say Düsseldorf is a beautiful city with something for everyone – whether you appreciate old or new architecture, shopping til you drop or relaxing in public gardens… The list really does go on! For a more alternative German weekend break, Düsseldorf is the place to be!


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  1. I really like it when people get together and share opinions.
    Great blog, keep it up!


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