My Holiday Essentials: Part II

If you guys didn’t already know, my first solo trip is rapidly approaching and I’ve been getting a bit spendy in preparation, so I wanted to share a couple of items which I feel will be very useful!

  • Basic tees – to pair with light shorts for the day or dress up for evening drinks.
  • Baseball cap – this is admittedly a rather basic bitch purchase but it’s practical I swear! UV strength is much stronger down in NZ so I’ll need to protect my skin as much as possible.
  • Bumbag – I bought this one from ASOS – a much easier and more accessible way to store essentials than in a backpack.
  • Inflatable neck pillow* – I’m hoping that this from will help me get a few hours sleep on the mammoth 25+ hour journey! Can be easily stored too as it deflates to a compact size. No sore neck for me!
  • High factor suncream – as mentioned earlier, it’s much easier to get burnt in New Zealand summers due to a thinner ozone layer (or something scientific like that…) so I’ll be sure to be wearing at least SPF 30 even on cloudier days.
  • Travel spray kit* – this mini kit contains all the essential sprays in a compact and convenient size for on-the-go travellers. I’ve read that some people have had problems with pesky insects so the repellent and bite relief sprays will be particularly useful.


  • Pocket First Aid kit* – it’s hard to believe how many useful items fit in this tiny first aid kit – 30 pieces including mini scissors, plasters and bandages. I’m obviously hoping that it won’t be needed but it’ll be good to know that this kit contains all the essentials, just in case!


  • Travel diary – I’ll be aiming to write daily diary entries on my trip, mainly so that no day will be forgotten and also to keep track of hostel and activity prices. It will help me keep on budget and make sure that my post-trip blog posts will be the most informative that they can be! The diary below was a Christmas gift but similar ones can be found in shops such as Waterstones.


  • New Zealand Travel Guide* – this pocket sized Travel Guide from Gap Year Travel Store contains so much handy information such as do’s & don’ts, a road atlas and highlights you may encounter on the journey. Even though I’ll be travelling with Kiwi Experience, I’ll still take this guide book along with me as the tips included will be so useful!


That’s it for my Holiday Essentials: Part II for now, comment below or tweet me if you can recommend anything else!


Note: items marked with an *asterisk* were kindly sent to me by Gap Year Travel Store, check them out here:

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