My Holiday Essentials

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you might not know that next year I’m heading to my dream destination – New Zealand! I’ll be travelling for 4 weeks, touring around the country with Kiwi Experience. Needless to say, this is a pretty big deal for me so I’m already planning what to pack and what, if anything, I should buy out there.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far… Obviously there is much more to consider but I’m at the very beginning stages of my preparation so bear with me!

For the journey:

  • Miniature toiletries – As I’ll be having a brief stopovers in Dubai and Melbourne, I’m hoping that there will be chance to freshen up so that I’ll feel slightly more human upon landing in Auckland. Also, these are hand luggage size so I’ll be able to use them on the plane to try and beat the boredom of a 29 hour journey.


  • Portable charger – This is an absolute must-have for me, as I will use my phone during the trip for listening to music, taking photos, keeping in touch with friends and family… The list goes on, so this will probably be my most used item on the plane and in airports where plug sockets might not be easily accessible. The PowerAdd is a convenient lipstick size so great for when my devices need some emergency  charge!


When I’m there:

  • Toiletries bag – I’ll be staying in hostels so a toiletries bag with a hook is essential for those lovely shower areas. The below bag is super useful as it has so many compartments but it also folds up to a really compact size when empty which will obviously be useful when I’m leaving and will need to utilise every inch of space for the return journey!


  • Postcards – I don’t know about you but I have always loved sending and receiving postcards; I was born in 1994 so I have fond memories of the good old yesteryear of a life before smartphones, social media and instant messaging. These things, although fantastic in so many ways, have practically killed off the humble postcard. But the process of choosing, writing and sending off the perfect postcard cannot be replaced by typing a little IM, not forgetting the joy of actually receiving one (or is that just me..?). I’m definitely going to be sending some to friends and family from New Zealand, even if they might arrive after I come back! I admit, maybe the beach babe or tired landscape ones are a bit outdated now but luckily Instantprint have launched a new campaign to revive the postcard and capture the essence of the destination in a modern way. If you’re heading to Paris, Egypt, Rio De Janeiro, Benidorm or India soon, check out the below designs to send a physical momento to your nearest and dearest!
  • Notepad – Finally, of course I’ll need a notepad to jot down my activities and keep a diary so that I can do a mammoth blog post when I return! I’m sure my 4 weeks in New Zealand will go by in a flash so I am really keen to keep a diary to ensure that no experiences are forgotten and I will have something to look back on in the following months and even years…! Also, it will be useful to note down places that I’d like to revisit on my next trip 🙂


If you can recommend any must-have items for a long haul flight and 4 week trip please let me know by commenting below or tweeting me @evierosetravels!


The above items were kindly sent to me by Instantprint, check out their website here.

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